Various Pop Culture Halloween Costumes to Wear in 2022 – Simone Biles

October 29, 2022

Halloween is more than just treats and tricks, it’s a night to get creative and dress up as whoever or whatever you want. If you have already gone the classic route with a witch costume or alien costume and want to shake it up this time around, there are plenty of new costume ideas to stun your friends and family during this year’s Halloween festivities. One way that you can freshen up a Halloween look is by going as a prominent figure from 2022 or as a character from a popular TV show or movie – we see you Ted Lasso and Bridgerton fans!

Although Halloween is months aways, there is no harm in starting to plan out your big Halloween costume debut. We all know that planning a show-stopping costume can take a lot of time and effort, so we have made it easier by breaking down some of the best pop culture Halloween costumes! Go as the stunning Kate Sharma from the latest season of Bridgerton, Dr. Strange from the Marvel movies or even Ruth Langmore from OzarkYou can either DIY these costumes with what you already have at home or purchase some key pieces that we think will create the perfect ensemble – the options are endless!

Speaking of endless options, if you are looking for other creative Halloween ideas, we also have group Halloween costumestrio Halloween costumescouples Halloween costumes and so many more. Whatever you decide to be this Halloween, you really can’t go wrong!

So before you start scouring the Internet, browse through some of these pop culture Halloween costumes ideas from 2022 for the perfect look.

Simone Biles

Style yourself after the G.O.A.T. with a red, white and blue leotard, glitter eyeshadow and shine with your gold medals.

Display your DIY prizes made with aluminum foil and satin ribbon if you’re crafty, or pose with a satisfying chocolate medal and take a bite like the pint-sized show-stopper. Victory is sweet! Stun your admirers with poise and grace this Halloween.
Look-It Activewear Red White & Blue Sparkling leotard
HEXZE Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow
Juvale Gold Medal
GiftWrap Etc. Red White Stripe Ribbon

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